Apartments now for sale in De OeverBorch

in 2004 De Zwarte Hond completed 124 dwellings and apartments of different types in the then new Piccardthof neighbourhood in Groningen. One of the plots here remained undeveloped as it was earmarked for a community-focused building. Later, however, this building became unnecessary as there were sufficient other community facilities accessible to residents close by. in fact, over time, demand increased for a new type of housing that wasn’t yet available in the neighbourhood: luxury apartments for existing residents who wanted to remain in Piccardthof but preferred not to live in a ground-floor residence with a garden anymore.

That demand has now been recognised. Commissioned by PC Vastgoed, De Zwarte Hond designed De OeverBorch, a small-scale residential building with eight luxury apartments. The apartments are gas-free and installed with a geothermal heating system, with individual heat pumps. The architecture makes a contemporary link with the 1930s style of the neighbourhood: an abstract composition of volumes, emphasis on horizontality and use of brick. The sale of apartments has recently commenced.

Positioned on an attractive location at the edge of the neighbourhood, De OeverBorch resembles a beacon at the waterside, where a series of long sightlines intersect – those sightlines are met by three ‘eyes’ on the top floor. Terraces, balconies, planters, garages and storage spaces are completely integrated into one sculptural form. Solid masonry bands alternate with large windows and finely-detailed timber in-fill, giving each level a different facade rhythm.