Beyond Plan B: spatial perspectives for the Rhine regions

How can a change in strategy look like? With Beyond Plan B we start the search for answers and spatial arguments. We want to lead not an abstract discussion of the crisis but future challenges linked with spatial perspectives. Beyond Plan B is directed to action for regions in the basin of the Rhine

Beyond Plan B is the project of an interdisciplinary team of economists, architects and urban planners who sees the need to move out of their respective comfort zones of the individual disciplines and bring together knowledge and experience of economists, entrepreneurs, politicians and spatial disciplines. Our goal is to initiate a discourse on common courses of action to organize and content to support until the summer of 2014 through research and analysis results.

The project has found up to now four partner regions along the Rhine: metrophole Ruhr, Region Köln-Bonn, Region Rhein-Neckar en Deltametropool.

For more information see the website or email Matthias Rottmann.

Beyond Plan B is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL.