Building in wood. How do you do that?

Working from the quality of material, that is what De Zwarte Hond always aims at. Wood is an excellent material for this approach. It is therefore not without reason that building in wood is an important theme for De Zwarte Hond to focus on. Erik Roerdink, partner and architect at De Zwarte Hond, is the project architect of the new work building for Liander in Amsterdam. However, it is more than just a work building: it is also an office, storage space and place for training. Flexibility was therefore the greatest requirement. The timber construction is the answer to the question of designing a flexible and adaptive work building, to make sure it is future-proof. The hybrid timber construction, which was further developed together with Dura Vermeer, plays a central role in the design. In the interview below, Erik Roerdink and Stefan Meegdes of Dura Vermeer discuss the role and application of wood in this special project:

The complete interview can be red here.