CBS De Sleutel nominated for Rotterdam Architecture prize 2022

The Rotterdam school building CBS De Sleutel, designed by De Zwarte Hond on behalf of Woonstad Rotterdam, has been nominated for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize 2022!

Unique commission
The creation of the school is the result of a unique commission by a housing corporation. Due to the growth in the number of homes in the Bloemhof district, Woonstad Rotterdam wanted to contribute to a positive development in the neighbourhood by adding a new school building and sports halls.

Children’s campus
The new school building has a traditional and friendly appearance, offers space for meeting and contributes to the neighbourhood. It is located on a square where two other schools are situated. The arrival of De Sleutel has created a trinity: a ‘children’s campus’, which stimulates contact between the schools. See photo’s of the school here.

Do you also think that De Sleutel should be the winner of the public prize, cast your vote until 6 June.