Completion of short stay apartments and bakery, Kleine der A, Groningen

Wedged between historical buildings at the corner of the Kleine der A and the Brugstraat in the town centre of Groningen, a new residential building has been designed and completed by De Zwarte Hond. The five-storey building houses six short stay apartments of the Miss Blanche hotel as well as a bakery on the ground floor.

The Brugstraat is one of the main routes into the town centre of Groningen. The houses on the side streets have been constructed at right angles to the street, with lengthwise roof lines and dwellings over commercial premises. The same goes for the buildings along the Kleine der A. The building designed by De Zwarte Hond forms a combination with the adjoining buildings at the corner of the Brugstraat. With its roof line in the same direction and a building line and dimensions that fit in well with the adjacent properties, the new building is a perfect match for its historic context. Seen in perspective from the Brugstraat and from the Kleine der A, the building presents itself as a single volume, but this effect has been toned down by recessing the two top floors somewhat. The projecting wooden window frames also present a nice contrast, with the facade showing restraint at the building line whilst the upper floors demonstrate a little more exuberance. This is where the occupants are given an extra view of their town. It is a differentiation that stands out from the clear facade layout, in the same way that additions such as elegant dormer windows, hoist covers and monumental cornices were made to the neighbouring grand buildings to catch the viewer’s eye. The new building forms a controlled and coherent ensemble, finished in materials that match a grand status, though detailed in with today in mind.

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