Concept Spatial Programmatic Framework Minervahaven

Commissioned by the Port Authority and the municipality of Amsterdam, De Zwarte Hond has examined how, in the future, a balanced mix between living and working in Minervahaven can be realised. The result is shown in a concept Spatial Programmatic Framework (RPK) (Ruimtelijk Programmatisch Kader), which has not been made official yet. This document will be the basis for an assessment framework with which the municipality and the Port Authority can anticipate future developments. it is at the same time the framework for reviewing the Minervahaven zoning plan. Well over 11,500 residential units and 250,000 m2 non-residential are to be developed on approximately 150 hectares. This density is unprecedented in the Netherlands. The ultimate goal is the creation of a mixed urban area with the robustness of the harbour and the continuity and the security of the city. However, no homes can be built in Minervahaven until 2030. Read more