Construction has begun on MFC Krefeld

Construction has begun on the multifunctional centre Krefeld with the demolition of the existing buildings. Designed for Krefelder Bau GmbH, this centre will house a mix of offices, restaurants, residences, healthcare, and retail in a location characterised by the presence of both large building blocks and small-scale housing. The difference in scales, combined with the complexity of the building plot, demanded a differentiated design approach.

The design by De Zwarte Hond and Office 03 comprises a combination of individually separate volumes that nonetheless manage to present themselves as a unit. The diversity unites the various scales of the surrounding buildings and ensures that each function has its own distinguishable place within the whole. The mall passing through it makes the large complex easier to take in and provides air and space.

Having been subdivided into individual volumes, the complex lends itself to custom solutions. Along the Ostwall, volumes have been shifted in relation to each other to create a wide, two storeys high entrance to the mall. Along the Neuer Linner Straße, the five storeys high volume provides a solid corner marker, and along the Petersstraße the receding blocks have created room for terraces.

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For further information please contact Matthias Rottmann.