Daan Zandbelt addresses the IABR-2016 Urban Meeting

During the IABR-2016 Urban Meeting held on 10 December, Daan Zandbelt, as atelier master, presented an interim report on the design-based research that he is conducting together with Project Atelier Rotterdam. The theme of Project Atelier Rotterdam is “The Productive City” and it is one of four research & development projects for IABR-2016. The project is being carried out by De Zwarte Hond, marco.broekman and L’AUC (Paris). During the Urban Meeting Daan presented the promises of the production economy, how these can be realised for Rotterdam, and which spatial qualities can be deployed to this end. “It was an interesting evening with a good turnout, providing more than enough information to further the study and present the results in April 2016 during the Biennale", said Daan Zandbelt.

In addition to Project Atelier Rotterdam, there are other project ateliers in Groningen, Utrecht and Brussels. Jeroen de Willigen was also involved in November 2015 during the “Let’s Gro” inspiration festival that explored the city of Groningen‘s future. This festival also had a link with IABR-2016 in the form of atelier master Jandirk Hoekstra from Project Atelier Groningen. During the Let’s Gro festival Jeroen de Willigen, the city architect, took part in the debate on “Groningen’s Narratives”. These narratives tell the story of Groningen’s spatial development, as it is today.

The seventh edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam will be launched in April 2016. Daan Zandbelt and Project Atelier Rotterdam will remain involved in IABR-2016 throughout 2016.