De Zwarte Hond designs accommodation for people with non-congenital brain damage

De Noorderbrug care facility has opted to concentrate their accommodation in the coming years in attractive localities. Their point of departure is to empower people to lead lives that are as independent and fulfilling as possible. Three residential locations and the talent centre of De Noorderbrug in Leeuwarden will be combined in a single building on Sixmastraat in Leeuwarden. Seventy people with non-congenital brain damage or a neurological disorder will have a new home here in the near future, with a view over the Potmarge river. The robust façade, designed by De Zwarte Hond, will be characterised by large surfaces of differing types of brick.

The apartments of approximately 50 m² are organised on each floor around a communal lounge with spacious outdoor areas on the south side. The large atrium round the staircase gives a spacious atmosphere and allows daylight to penetrate deep into the building. It also adds a sense of luxury. The same atmosphere is created in the apartments by means of large windows with a view of the surroundings. The communal areas on the ground floor are positioned around an enclosed garden.

The future residents, their families and the staff will be involved in creating their new accommodation throughout the development process. The building is currently being elaborated in BIM, in close collaboration with Van Wijnen.