De Zwarte Hond designs colourful “village” in Bremen

De Zwarte Hond, together with RMP Stephan Lenzen, is designing the urban plan for Neue Ellener Hof, a new sustainable community with approximately 500 apartments and ground-level accommodation in the east of Bremen (Germany). The neighbourhood is designed as a village where a wide range of residents with diverse lifestyles will live in a green and sustainable residential area with a range of functions. Old and young, people with higher and with lower incomes, some with a disability and some without ? and students will form a colourful community centering on interaction. The key premise of the design is the concept of a village that has gradually developed in its surroundings in a responsible way, in this instance comprising attractive, mature trees and a number of existing buildings. As in a village, some of the homes are close together while others are spaced further apart. Sometimes there is a green area between the housing, sometimes a row of trees. Informal spaces and paths invite residents to play, communicate and foster a sense of community.

The new housing will mainly be built from wood. Natural and recyclable materials will be used wherever feasible, making the neighbourhood extremely sustainable. Having been developed on an urban scale, the construction volumes, building heights and the basis for the roof landscape are in line with the exceptionally stringent regulations governing wooden constructions or sustainable insulation materials. An innovative mobility concept for traffic-restricted outdoor space and an entirely natural, decentralised concept for rainwater are being devised. The commissioning party for this ambitious, 10-hectare plan is the Bremer Heimstiftung housing corporation.

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