De Zwarte Hond designs ombrières for Hilversum Central

In collaboration with Studio RAP, De Zwarte Hond will design a new, sustainable bus station for Hilversum Central. The project is called ‘ombrières’, or ‘shadow-makers’, because of the bus-station roofs. These are reminiscent of treetops, with light rays modestly filtering through them. The design will contribute to the new identity of the station area, which will reflect the leafy character of this media city. In addition to the bus station, De Zwarte Hond and Studio RAP have also delivered a new concept for the entrance to the bicycle parking garage.

Bart van Kampen, project leader at De Zwarte Hond:
“The two ombrières that we are designing for the station in Hilversum will be much more than roofs that provide shade. They will add value to the identity of the wooded media city of Hilversum. During the day, the sun’s rays project a shadow image of leaves through the perforations. When it is dark, moving light projections designed by RNDR appear. The ombrières are made of sustainable wood and fit in well with the design of the outdoor space.”

Resident participation
Thanks to a unique collaboration with the residents of Hilversum, we have ensured that this identity perfectly matches the needs and wishes of the local population. The residents were an active part of the design process and had a say in the realization of the current draft design.

Transforming the station area
The bus station is a link in the municipality’s ambitious urban development plan. Over the next ten years, the area around the station in Hilversum will undergo a radical transformation to become a vibrant place where the focus is on enjoyable travel, living and working experiences. It will once again connect the districts of Hilversum-Oost and Centrum with the station and each other. In addition, the improved connection between the city and the rest of the country will breathe new life into the surrounding area.

Sustainable and green
The vision of the plan is to design an accessible and green station area that appeals to residents and will last for generations. With the iconic roofs and rich implementation of greenery, it sets the trend for the further transformation of the station area. Together with the residents of Hilversum, De Zwarte Hond will be closely involved in the further elaboration of the urban development plan. Arno Scheepers, project alderman for the station area, and De Zwarte Hond are eagerly anticipating this collaboration.

Three offices were invited to present their vision for the design of the bus station. The sketch design of the Black Dog emerged as the best. During the selection, consideration was given to the integration into the urban development plan, sustainability, the relationship between the two roofs, and functionality, among other factors. The municipality is currently working on a new (draft) zoning plan, which is expected to be submitted to the city council at the end of 2022.