De Zwarte Hond and MWPO to realise the super-hub of the future in Meerstad

In the Groenewei district of Meerstad, MWPO is developing SuperHub Meerstad, the supermarket of the future. De Zwarte Hond is the architect of the building. The SuperHub is being built by Brands Bouw.

The SuperHub Meerstad is an innovative retail concept where you can not only do your daily shopping, but also take advantage of an additional programme, initially including a café and a health centre. This makes the SuperHub a pioneering building that will grow with the neighbourhood, providing basic necessities but also a space for encounters, entertainment and excitement. The building is transparent and all-sided, with a sustainable wooden supporting structure. The generous building height makes for a beautiful public space. If everything goes according to plan, the SuperHub will be operational by mid-August 2022.

The new IKC Groenewei school will also be located on the square where the SuperHub will stand. This square will form an attractive cluster of facilities, with landscape architecture that will further promote meeting and encounters in the Groenewei district. LAOS Landschapsarchitecten is responsible for the design of the entire facility cluster.

“Until now, Meerstad has lacked a centre. Because we have designed the supermarket as an inviting public building, it will soon also function as a meeting place for the people of Meerstad. The supermarket is therefore more than just a supermarket; it also contributes to social cohesion and combats loneliness.”
– Erik Roerdink, partner and architect