De Zwarte Hond launches the Densification Game

On Thursday 1 June De Zwarte Hond partner, Daan Zandbelt, presented the first prototype of the Densification Game to Harry Timp from the municipality of Leiden at the Provada Real Estate Fair. By 2040 the Netherlands will need to have made one million extra homes available.  This housing challenge presents a tremendous opportunity for us to strengthen our urban regions. With this Densification Game developers, designers and local authorities can themselves explore how more homes can be built in their inner-city locations. Where can we add more storeys to existing buildings, develop attractive city limits or build Tiny Houses? Each municipality is free to determine which opportunities they wish to exploit and then select the appropriate tools from the game in order to achieve them.

The municipality of Leiden, on whose instructions De Zwarte Hond developed the tools for this game, served as an example.

Download the game here. The game is currently only available in Dutch, an English version will be available shortly.

Print instructions:
Print on both sides on A4 paper (flip on short edge) and staple the pile together in the upper left corner. Cut the cards from the book along the dotted line.