De Zwarte Hond makes spatial plan for the Suikerzijde in Groningen

In the coming years in the Netherlands, the government will help tackle the housing shortage more rapidly in six areas. These are all areas with a major housing shortage, among them the City of Groningen. By 2040, at least 35,000 homes must be built here and in the surrounding region. In January 2019, Groningen concluded a housing deal (Woondeal) with the Ministry of the Interior (BZK). De Zwarte Hond supports Groningen in the design and development of the spatial plan for De Suikerzijde – the new, future-oriented district on the site of the former sugar factory, close to the city centre.

De Suikerzijde will play a leading role in increasing the (affordable) housing supply in Groningen. 5000 homes and various commercial and social facilities will be built here. It will be a ruggedly urban new district, retaining its original industrial and slightly raw character. And above all, it will be green, spacious and inviting.

The Woondeal (Housing Deal) will be further developed into an urbanization strategy for the entire Groningen-Assen Region (RGA). The urbanization strategy provides an answer to the question of where we are going to build homes, and what the underlying specifications should be in terms of mobility, work, spatial quality, greenery and quality of life.