De Zwarte Hond presented masterplan for Recklinghausen-Hillerheide

Commissioned by the Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Recklinghausen (SER), De Zwarte Hond has developed a master plan for the 34-hectare area of ​​the former horseracing course in Recklinghausen. The master plan is based on a previously drawn up framework plan. On Monday, 30 August, there was a lot of interest in the information meeting organised by the city council about the Hillerheide integrated neighbourhood development concept (ISEK). More than 150 interested citizens inquired about the current state of the planning, and others joined online. The concept for the Hillerheide project, ‘Lake Living’, was central.

The master plan for the extensive area was presented by De Zwarte Hond partner Matthias Rottmann. “We want to develop a residential area that not only gives an impulse to Hillerheide, but to the entire city,” he explains. “Naturally, climate protection also plays a very important role.” A central element is the lake, which will be the size of 7.5 football fields and up to 3.4 metres deep. Not only will this enhance the residential quality and recreational possibilities, but it will also offer an ecological and climate advantage in times of heat stress: on hot days, the temperature in the residential area will drop considerably due to evaporation.

Around 900 homes will be built around the lake, including nearly 300 single-family homes. With both government-subsidised homes and detached houses, each area development will achieve a good mix. In the first place, the aim is to make available as much space as possible to promote social mobility and the coexistence of different people. Car use will be limited as much as possible.