De Zwarte Hond presents high-rise master plan for Dusseldorf

The concept of the new high-rise development framework plan for Dusseldorf is ready to be presented to the public. Over the past 18 months, De Zwarte Hond has worked out a new framework plan for high-rise development in Dusseldorf, together with the high-rise advisory board. The conclusions of a strategic urban development and of the discussion about concrete high-rise projects have been brought together in the new master plan for high-rise buildings: seven high-rise dominated spaces and axes can be further developed in a “Dusseldorf-specific” manner in the future. At the same time, the old town, the Kö area and parts of Oberkassel, as well as large parts of the banks of the Rhine, are designated as conservation areas. No further high-rise buildings are planned for these zones.

In addition to the spatial layout of the city, the plan formulates general guidelines that set out the added value that new high-rise projects must provide for the city and the sustainability requirements that each new project must meet. The emphasis is on the use and further development of the existing infrastructure, the contribution to the necessary transformation of mobility and in particular on sustainable building typologies and construction methods.

City residents can find out about the high-rise framework plan on the Rheinboulevard and comment online on the plan.