De Zwarte Hond Rotterdam opened its doors during the Open Office Day

To mark the end of the Rotterdam Architecture Month, organized by the Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR), the Open Office Day took place on 26 June in which De Zwarte Hond also participated. Those interested in architecture, urban planning and the working methods of an architecture office could take a look behind the scenes and meet the employees.

From 11 am to 2 pm, numerous visitors came to the Grotiushuis, where the new office of the Rotterdam branch has been located for the past few months. Architecture and urban planning tours gave the visitors an impression of How the De Zwarte Hond operates. There was also the possibility to listen to presentations about old and recent projects. Many questions were asked about the lay out of the new office, which was redesigned by De Zwarte Hond itself. De Zwarte Hond is pleased with the great interest and positive reactions from the many enthusiastic visitors.