De Zwarte Hond selected for the design of the culture cluster in Delfzijl

De Zwarte Hond has been selected as the architect of a new culture cluster located on Plein de Molenberg in Delfzijl, Groningen. The design team, which also includes Theateradvies bv, Zonneveld Ingenieurs, DGMR, abtWassenaar and Vos Ontwerpstudio, convinced the municipality with a clear design vision and plan. “We have full confidence in this team and look forward to working together,” says project leader René Siebring.

The team looks forward to working on the project in the coming months. The arrival of the culture cluster adds an important impulse to Molenbergplein – the main square of Delfzijl – transforming it into a destination for culture and leisure, and with that, enhancing the liveliness of the city. In this sense, it’s a very rewarding project to work on.

Erik Roerdink, partner at De Zwarte Hond, comments on the potential of Delfzijl: “The site adjacent to the Molenberg theatre offers a unique opportunity to combine the intimate atmosphere of the old walled city with the vastness of the open water. It will definitely be a project that puts Delfzijl on the map.”

The design team was chosen by the municipality of Delfzijl from a European selection of five teams. The new complex, which includes a theatre and library, is set for completion in 2023.