De Zwarte Hond wins primary school competition in Rotterdam

De Zwarte Hond has won the architects’ selection for the new development of De Sleutel, a Christian junior school in the Bloemhof neighbourhood of Rotterdam. According to the jury the approach to cooperation was one of the deciding factors in awarding De Zwarte Hond the commission.

CBS De Sleutel is situated in a neighbourhood with many municipal monuments from the 1930s. The new development of De Sleutel must blend in well with two other stately schools in the area that are relatively high and not very deep. Consequently, De Zwarte Hond has designed a contemporary, compact building with attractive brickwork and possibly a single, large roof. The volume is folded around the gymnasium that will comply with NOC*NSF regulations. The compact volume of the new development has various advantages, such as less heat loss in the winter and a more stable temperature in the summer. Short walking distances in the building allow for stronger connections between the different functions and staff in the building. De Zwarte Hond’s ambition is to design an energy-neutral school requiring low maintenance. A green campus will separate the schools: a recreational area where children from the neighbourhood can enjoy playing and sports.