De Zwarte Hond wins tender for De Fabriek in Goor

De Zwarte Hond, together with Strootman Landscape Architects, has won the tender for the renovation of De Fabriek in Goor. This special project has been commissioned by the municipality of Hof van Twente and is based on the urban development master plan Op Stoom! (Full Steam Ahead!) that De Zwarte Hond had previously drawn up.

A location with history

The 18-hectare former factory site of the Twentse Stoomblekerij (steam bleach works) in Goor is being transformed into an icon for the region and a link between living, working and recreation. The industrial atmosphere will be interwoven with the new housing and businesses will be able to locate in the authentic factory buildings. The green city park will soon be the ideal meeting place for the neighbourhood.

The masterplan contains the basic principles for the development of De Fabriek. These will be developed into an urban development plan with requirements for each building site:

1. Existing rental elements
2. Analysis of the buildings and foundation
3. Linking the factory to the environment
4. Outline the urban plan
5. Define building plots
6. Zoning, sector planning
7. Phasing and placemaking 

Working closely together
De Zwarte Hond attaches great importance to a transparent working method between the parties involved and will strengthen the existing collaboration between the design team and the Op Stoom project team. There is also room for external participation through a think tank that was set up during the preparation of the masterplan.