Definitive Design CBS Glashorst completed

The definitive design for the Glashorst primary school in Scherpenzeel is ready. The compact, brick volume with recognisable sculpture will be built on the same site as the present building. The client wants a functional, sustainable, challenging building that can be used intensively and that radiates warmth, a sociable and pleasant atmosphere and a sense of security. The new school, approximately 1,500 m2 in size, will have a healthy indoor climate with low energy usage. Daylight enters deep into the spacious building through large windows and skylights.   

The ground floor is the domain of the infant and kindergarten classes. Here the youngest children have a large, semi-sunken play space at their disposal that also serves as a hall on festive occasions and a theatre for performances. The panel wall can be opened and the auditorium used as a platform. The older pupils are accommodated upstairs, where a large roof terrace provides extra teaching space. Seating is incorporated in the oak-wood panelling where the children can work individually or in small groups. There is also seating in the exterior wall. The older children play in the forecourt surrounded by greenery and the infants in a sheltered playground at the rear of the building.