Densification Game / Densification study for the municipality of Leiden in Blauwe Kamer Yearbook

"If you take a good look at the city you will see countless possibilities for residential development. In the Leiden region an additional 30,000 homes can be added." On behalf of the municipality of Leiden De Zwarte Hond examined how the housing challenge in the existing urban area could be resolved. This study and its conversion into the Densification Game is one of the projects in the Blauwe Kamer Yearbook for 2017. In 19 projects the yearbook sets out the current status of landscape architecture and urban design and how major themes such as climate change and inner city renewal are being tackled. On 1 December in Rijswijk the first copies of this yearbook were presented to four guests, including Ronald van der Meij – Alderman of Rijswijk ? and De Zwarte Hond partner Daan Zandbelt, Government Advisor.