Embarking on a Master Plan for an attractive, future-proof Spijkenisse

De Zwarte Hond, together with the municipality of Nissewaard, are working on a master plan for Spijkenisse. It comprises a long term vision for an attractive, vibrant and future-proof residential/work municipality in 2040. The master plan, once adopted by the municipal council, will be elaborated further in a development programme that also includes the short-term measures that need to be taken in order to achieve this objective.

Spijkenisse – as a former urban development centre during the nineteen fifties to seventies ? faces a number of major challenges of a socio-economic, social and spatial nature: an imbalance in the housing supply and the composition of the population, extensive restructuring of the outdated housing stock, and limited access. Added to this are the urgent land development issues. At the same time there are also opportunities, such as the major house building challenge in the whole of South Holland. In addition to this, the current infrastructure with access to the Rotterdam metro network, Spijkenisse as part of the urbanisation of MRDH – Drechtsteden (Rotterdam - The Hague metropolitan region), the entrance area of the Zeeuwse Delta, and the preservation of the harbour all form a strong basis for a new urbanisation. The master plan will be adopted by the municipal council of Nissewaard on 6 December 2017.