First prize in the hotel and apartments competition in Regensburg (DE)

Marina Kwartier in Regensburg is a former industrial site situated between the historical Altstad, the river Danube and Westhafen. De Zwarte Hond has designed a modern hotel and residential building that will function as a beacon for the neighbourhood. The functional design complements the understated beauty of the surrounding, old industrial buildings. 

In De Zwarte Hond’s design proposal relatively more of the programme is realised in the upper levels, whereby more light and air is created in the lower levels. There is a light, green, inner garden and the hotel has an unusual entrance, with the city’s public space running through it. And the design pays particular attention to sightlines.  

The hotel and the residential building differ spatially from each other and also have a different – but subtle ? façade design. The penthouses overlook the river Danube and the old city. With their urban quality and exclusive character they enhance the housing supply of Regensburg. 

The well-conceived design was awarded a joint first prize by client Ten Brinke Bayern Projektentwicklungs-GmbH (TBB). The other winner was H2M Architekten.