Former German coal mine becomes lively area

De Zwarte Hond is collaborating with the Urban Catalyst bureau of Berlin on the master plan for the former “Heinrich Robert” coal mine in Hamm, Germany. This mine, one of the last active coal mines in the Ruhr Area, was closed in 2010. Together with local citizens, a new designated use is being developed for the seventy hectare abandoned site, the historical buildings, and the former residential areas associated with the mine.  

The monumental buildings in the centre of the area – with the striking Hammerkopfturm tower as a landmark – form the starting point for the transformation. A new neighbourhood, rich in culture and creativity, will be developed here. The “black gold” will make way for new, long-term forms of culture, coexistence and collaboration.

The organic development of activities in the centre, strengthening the landscape, and interweaving with the neighbouring areas will create an easily-accessible, lively, residential and business community. In addition, two special “magnets” are being developed that will publicise the Heinrich Robert mine far beyond the borders of Hamm. One of these magnets might be an open-air stage which would be interesting for the rest of the region as well.

There is space for a solar farm in the northern part of the site. Fast-growing trees are used to generate green energy, but simultaneously to create a park.

The successful ExtraSchicht festival was recently organised at the coal mine to asses how the site functions as a cultural and creative catalyst. The powerful industrial environment is a source of inspiration! 

The Master Plan will be ready in October 2016 and it will serve as the basis for the further development of the area. 

Click here for more information and images of the project.

For more information please contact Matthias Rottmann.