Former horse racing track becomes lakeside residential neighbourhood

De Zwarte Hond has been commissioned to develop a master plan for the former horse racing track in the Hillerheide district of Recklinghausen, Germany. The 34-hectare site is one of the most important development locations in the city. The plan proposes a new, future-focused residential area.

The new neighbourhood gains a special identity and quality thanks to the addition of an elliptical lake - a nod to the iconic race track. De Zwarte Hond is working on an overall development concept for the former horse racing track and several smaller adjoining sites in the Hillerheide district. The master plan expands on the framework plan conceived by Reicher Haase Associates for the development of 'See-Quartier Recklinghausen'.

For the coming three to four years, De Zwarte Hond begins an exciting, demanding and complex assignment, both in terms of planning and concept. The ambition of the master plan, which proposes around 1,500 housing units, is to reflect on the future of living today and to explore pioneering new strategies in areas such as mobility, energy, climate protection and sustainable building materials.

in the near future, De Zwarte Hond will work with the client Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Recklinghausen GmbH (SER) and a team of experienced specialised planners to finalise the framework plan and review the upcoming steps such as the zoning plans, design strategy and engaging local residents in the design of the public space.