Here’s to an amazing 2018!

Our annual Christmas dinner is already behind us. The exuberant celebrations in Cologne say it all: we have worked really hard and are looking forward to next year. 2018 promises to be a remarkable and interesting year for which we have already paved the way in 2017.

Under the direction of nine partners we work with great pleasure on projects combining our expertise in the fields of urban design and architecture and we were therefore able to offer added value to clients, consumers, and the city. And we have demonstrated this in the past year with, among other things, the recently-completed Zinder culture cluster in Tiel and the BNA prize-winning Agaathhof in Groningen.

In 2018, too, we shall continue the good work. The World Food Center in Ede and the LMC Pro Training College in Rotterdam, to name but a few. Extraordinary projects for ambitious clients, like the Ellenerhof in Bremen, the station area in Hilversum and Stadsblokken Meinerswijk in Arnhem. Various buildings are under construction or nearing completion, such as Station Assen and the Cultural Centre “Pand Z” in Rotterdam Zuid. We will also issue a German version of the Densification Game in 2018 and various publications are planned. We are really keen and excited about the future!

But first a few enjoyable days with our loved ones, family and friends. We wish you a happy festive season and an amazing 2018, when we look forward to meeting you again!