Restructuring Groeseind in exhibition about new living concepts

The open-air exhibition "Wohnen einmal anders" (Living differently) by "Baukultuur Nordrhein-Westfalen" presents exemplary and high-quality housing projects from Germany and abroad in a special exhibition in Bielefeld. This exhibition also includes De Zwarte Hond’s Restructuring Groeseind (Tilburg) project. The exhibition shows how a changing society requires new housing concepts that enrich our lives.

The former Tilburg working-class district of Groeseind, built around the D.P. van Maren textile factory, underwent a restructuring in the years 2006 to 2018. From a typical pre-war neighbourhood with small social housing units, little greenery and many cars on the streets, it has been transformed into a fresh, green neighbourhood with an open character that gives the impression of having always been there. It has become a diverse and sought-after area with a wide variety of rental and owner-occupied homes, which, due to its design, also gives the surrounding neighbourhoods a positive impulse.

The exhibition can be seen until 14 October at the Kesselbrink in Bielefeld.

Foto: Patrick Pollmeier