Iederz Hoes workspace: healthy and flexible

De Zwarte Hond has created a schematic design for a new workspace for Iederz, the work integration social enterprise of the municipality of Groningen. The ambition was to create a sustainable and healthy work environment for disadvantaged workers; we wanted a building that is safe, secure, healthy and also flexible.

We designed the building as 12 interconnected modules; having the different modular units reduces the scale of the building so that it appears small-scale and friendly. The clear column structure allows several modules to be combined into one larger hall. Based on a 1.8-metre grid, each module measures 21.6 m x 21.6m.

The building is constructed from timber, a sustainable and circular material suitable for demountable structures. Additionally timber lends a warm and friendly atmosphere which fits well with the diverse groups of people who will come to work here.

Iederz Hoes offers an orderly work environment where everyone feels at home. The clear separation between the warehouse and production areas makes the building safe. Courtyards located between the modules offer green space and views, without being a distraction. Short, clear routes ensure easy navigation through the building.

The 12 modules have shed roofs which can be orientated in different ways. For example roofs with PV panels can face south, north-facing roofs feature rooflights that draw daylight deep into the building and the corner roofs can face any direction.

The schematic design for Iederz Hoes was made in collaboration with Friso, ABT Wassenaar and DGMR.