IKC Prins Constantijn celebrates old and new

The new integrated children’s centre in Leeuwarden brings together the Prins Constantijn primary school and Sinne daycare centre under one roof. Designed by De Zwarte Hond and Studio Nauta, the building accommodates more than 200 children. The new design integrates an existing heritage-listed 1920s school building; historical features and the characteristic Amsterdam School details are reinterpreted in a contemporary way in the new building. This results in a coherent design that also reveals the different building periods. It preserves the history of the neighbourhood while simultaneously looks to the future by adding a new contemporary layer.

The new building is organised around a series of learning clusters with spaces for collaboration, play, quiet study and rest. The use of timber and brickwork lends the interior a calming natural aesthetic. The existing brick south facade now becomes the centre of the new building and forms the heart of the school. Here under the large roof light, the children can gather around the central kitchen which is positioned by the main entrance. In this way, the entrance area feels homely and relaxed, and thus ensures a warm welcome into the school.