iKC Prins Constantijn in Leeuwarden

The Prins Constantijn primary school and the Sinne day nursery in Leeuwarden are being brought together under one roof in an integral child centre (iKC) for over 200 children. What is remarkable is that a historical nineteen-thirties school is integrated in the design. The historical organisational principles and characteristic Amsterdam School details will be continued in a contemporary format in the new part of the construction. The result is a coherent entity in which the various construction stages are distinguishable. The new building is organised round a number of teaching clusters with space for collaboration, play, concentration and relaxation. The old masonry south façade will have a central position in the new building and forms the heart of the new school. This is where all ages come together under a large skylight and round a central kitchen. The use of wood and brickwork give the interior a natural look.

The design of the iKC is the result of intensive collaboration with Studio Nauta.