impressive “Kind Centrum Vermaatterrein” in Hellevoetsluis

De Zwarte Hond is working hard on the draft design of Kind Centrum (KC) Vermaatterrein that will accommodate three primary schools and a child care centre. The school building will occupy a square plot, situated in the centre of the Vermaatterrein site. According to the design by Delva Landscape, the resulting impressive, varied neighbourhood was inspired by the existing industrial heritage of the former rubber factory.

The design of the KC refers to the history of this area: the sawtooth roofs, the rough Corten steel, the oversized entrances. And yet this sturdy, compact building is rich with details and is designed from the perspective of the child. The building’s plinth, for example, where the youngest children will be taught, is entirely transparent and open. Children in the classrooms have direct outside access. The veranda creates stimulating play areas and sun screening at the same time. The veranda is therefore deeper on the south-facing façade. The floor above is more solid and more closed, this is the older children’s domain. The daylight here enters the building via the sawtooth roofs.

Flexibility is a major factor in the design because the KC is future-proof. With changing educational insights, the building must be easy to modify. The eventual integration of the two green roof gardens where, in time, two extra clusters (each for 75 children) can be realised, has also been taken into account.

The design is currently being further elaborated together with the users.