Lecture by Ellen Schindler on the transition to circularity in exhibition design

This Friday, July 9, Ellen Schindler, CEO | partner of De Zwarte Hond, will give a virtual presentation on the topic of ‘transition to circularity in exhibition design’. Her lecture is part of the program of the international conference 'On Sustainable Substance', from the virtual series [re]Framing the Arts: A Sustainable Shift. The series is organized by Art/Switch Foundation in collaboration with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM), the University of Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University.
'On Sustainable Substance' highlights, among other things, the environmentally friendly and socially responsible use of materials within the art sector. Based on her experience at Kossmanndejong exhibition architects, Schindler takes a closer look at a circular approach within the field of exhibition design. The international conference is intended for a broad group of professionals working in or providing services to the art world, such as conservators, curators, artists, researchers, architects, academics, art insurers, exhibition designers and gallery owners.

Time and date
9 July 2021 from 16.00-19.30 CET

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