Matthias Rottmann speaks at workshop Beyond Plan B

Thursday 17th of July Matthias Rottmann will speak at the workshop  ‘Regions and Projects’ in hdak, Haus der Architektur Köln. The workshop is part of Beyond Plan B.In the context of a structural crisis, Beyond Plan B aims to bring together the knowledge and expertise from the fields of economics, spatial-planning and governance to facilitate a debate on how to strengthen the economic resilience, the spatial qualities and the governance of regions.

The workshop ‘Regions and Projects’ will focus on the bigger picture of the Rhine-Region and the characteristics and strategies of our partner regions with the aim to link both scales to the results of the research on projects, which will be presented in the workshop.

Beyond Plan B is organised by HT-stedenbouw en strategie, Cityförster, TD-Architects and De Zwarte Hond. Look at the website for information about the network and the research: or contact: Matthias Rottmann.