Meerstad: Meeroevers largely completed, Tersluis under development

Now that the Meeroevers district in the new residential development of Meerstad, with its abundance of water features, has largely been completed, the time has come to start development of the next Meerstad district, Tersluis. Meeroevers is characterised by wide greenbelts and natural features, whereas Tersluis to the north will have a more village-like atmosphere.

In 2008 De Zwarte Hond redeveloped the original large-scale master plan for Meerstad into a smaller-scale set of sub-plans suitable for completion in stages. The plan comprises 2,300 hectares of unique landscape areas offering ample space for living, working and recreation. The nucleus of the plan is formed by a newly created lake, the Woldmeer, around which a variety of housing types will be created.

Tersluis will be followed by the further development of Klein Harkstede, Sluis-Oost, and Grunobuurt.

The almost complete Meeroevers district lies between Klein Harkstede and the Gruno Park, north of the Hoofdweg main road. The spacious plots, attractive houses, the first part of the Woldmeer, and a school are indicative of the high-quality living environment provided by all of Meerstad. The Meer Wonen project ( meer = ‘more’ as well as ‘lake’; wonen = ‘living’) creates a natural and sustainable living environment as part of Meeroevers. An abundance of space and greenery provides its residents with the perfect conditions for living out their own ideas and ideals.

Tersluis is located between Klein-Harkstede and Sluis-Oost, and is the place where some 400 residences in different price brackets are to be realised, many of them with a view of the water.

Tersluis continues the principles of Meeroevers by integrating with the water-rich landscape and at the same time enhancing its qualities. The development of the area will commence along the Slochterdiep and the Borgsloot. This line will be expanded to serve as the basis for building up a greenbelt. The areas between the districts coincide with the transitions of the original development lines. The spatial design results in the creation of three different living environments: green, rural, and lakeside.

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