Strange but true. A graphic novel about the metropolis on the Maas

METRO O1O takes you on a journey through the city of Rotterdam’s history and into is future. In this richly illustrated cartoon book, author Abdelkader Benali follows the traces to the city as it is today: from the Dam in the Rotte river, to Rotterdam as a water city and later a port city, the bombardment and the post-war reconstruction.

The story shows that Rotterdam was not created all at once, by a single person, but was shaped over the centuries, by many people – and now by you and everyone else living there.

METRO O1O is not only a compelling historical and urban narrative, but also a call to action. In an inspiring way, the book shows how you can influence the development of your own street, neighbourhood and city. And therefore also such aspects as diversity, quality of life, inclusiveness, sustainability and the energy transition. It helps you get to know Rotterdam better, understand it better and make it better. More and more each day.

19 illustrators, 4 city poets, 2 photographers and 4 historians contributed to the book: Boy Akkerman, Marvin Bruin, Dodici, Loes van Duijvendijk, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Stang Gubbels, Vienne Lisa Haagoort, Edwin Hagendoorn, Mariana Hirschfeld, Han van der Horst. Benzokarim, Saskia de Klerk, Hanco Kolk, Vera de Koning, Esther Malaparte, Moze Naél, Nadia Pepels, Michelle Provoost, Egon de Regt, Sterre, Richard, Sai Rodrigues, Simone Rots, Marcel Ruijters, Martijn van Santen, Rachel Sender, Gwen Stok and Elizar Veerman.