Minervahaven Amsterdam

De Zwarte Hond will set to work on Minervahaven, Amsterdam, with the actualisation of the spatial framework. Commissioned by the Port Authorities and the municipality, the bureau will explore how  a balanced mix between living and working can be achieved there in the future.

Minervahaven is a vital part of Haven-Stad where between 40,000 and 70,000 residential properties and 45,000 to 58,000 jobs will be realised, chiefly in the productive and creative sector, according to the municipality’s recent announcement. Here, within the ring and on the outskirts of the centre, an ultra-low parking ratio of a mere 0.2 applies, creating space for accommodation, the bicycle, and public transport.

In the coming months De Zwarte Hond will be organising a number of workshops with the Port Authorities and the Municipality of Amsterdam. A tour with the relevant stakeholders has already taken place.