Municipality of Groningen and GRAS present Wish / Wonen in Stadshart

The Municipality of Groningen and Platform GRAS present Wish / Wonen in Stadshart. More and more people want to live in the city centre. There is plenty of space and yet people cannot find accommodation anywhere. The municipality went in search of solutions with its Wonen in Stadshart manifestation. It examined how we can realise not only more but, more specifically, different forms of accommodation, suited to the city centre, responding to new target groups and  developed and designed with passion. Fourteen inspiring projects are reviewed in this publication. Projects from Groningen, but also from the rest of the Netherlands. Two of which by De Zwarte Hond. During the book presentation on 30 October the city architect and De Zwarte Hond partner Jeroen de Willigen gave a detailed explanation about the book and Alderman Roeland van der Schaaf presented the first copy.