Nature-inclusive living on the edge of the city centre

De Meeuwen is a small residential area southeast of the inner city of Groningen. The district was built in the 1990s with parts of the district never being built on. The location is on this wasteland strip on the edge of the district. De Zwarte Hond has designed a compact plan for this area with 85 city residences. A plan that gives the city a new face on the Europaweg: an important traffic road to the inner city. The design pays a lot of attention to urban nature.

The district De Meeuwen is bordered on the west side by the quiet Winschoterdiep. On the east side of the district is the busy Europaweg. The new apartments will therefore have two faces: an urban front of four layers facing the approach road and lower blocks that will connect with the existing residential area. The centrally located wadis will be able to store the rainwater, provide biodiversity and create a quiet and green inner area where gardens and urban nature merge into one another. For the various target groups, both rental and purchase in different segments, a wide variety of housing types is available.

Detailed brick
The houses are characterized by a solid and diverse brick architecture with a distinctive attention to detail. The bricks have a natural look and form a calm, pleasant connection with the existing greenery. The uniformity per block and the particularly elaborate corner houses are important features of the design. The facades of the different blocks are similar, but with subtle variations – and they differ in height. This ensures a varied and dynamic appearance without losing the uniformity.

The houses are now on sale.