New forms of urban life in Berlin

As a growing metropolis, Berlin is in need of additional housing. The event Urban Living aims to find a solution to sustainable and economic living in the widening gap between the inner and outer residential areas and strengthen the social cohesion in the city of Berlin.

More than 20 international Teams were invited to develop ideas for smalle spots within the urban tissue. De Zwarte Hond worked together with Kuula Landschaftsarchitekten on a site in Berlin Alt-Hohenschönhausen.

The location Oberseestraße is situated among three urban structures; apartment buildings, detached houses and allotments. The desire of many families in the neighborhood is an increased demand for living space such as a private garden or a large roof terrace. We have developed a new type row houses. Existing residents can move now within the district. A six pack grid forms a module with variety in apartment sizes. The system and grid, resulting in great flexibility within the building. Three units are combined together into a module. By shifting the modules, these living units adapt to the conditions of the site.

Urban Living should contribute to ensuring that these families do not have to move to the outskirts to avail of the qualities of the existing neighborhoods. The results of Urban Living were presented during a two day conference which was open to the dzh20_dbold. From March 5, 2014 everyone is invited to join the discussion about all the submitted design on the website of Urban Living.

More info? Get in touch with Matthias Rottmann.