Experts in realisation, experts in realism

Ultimately, what matters is that we realise our client’s ambitions and plans, without being satisfied with questionable quality levels.

Fortunately, in our office we’ve built up ample experience and advanced our expertise over the years. We know exactly how to create projects and how to develop solutions. We know a lot about money, we recognise how expensive construction can be, and we know how to act and design strategically. We know how to get projects done and how to maintain quality during long and complex processes.

Every time has its own challenges, from high construction costs to low yields, sales and rental risks, the lack or excess of ambition among stakeholders, changing demand or support from administrators or residents. Often, the design and process must adapt to changing circumstances during the process, without losing sight of the original ambitions and goals. De Zwarte Hond has a tradition to uphold in this: we have always been good at making, shaping, pushing and pulling projects.

The core of our knowledge lies in the fact that we are an agency that works on many different scales and in many different environments. As a result, we know which method or strategy is appropriate for the context of the question. Here the most important thing is that we work in an integrated, interdisciplinary way, and know better than anyone else which design disciplines to use – and when and how to involve them in our projects. We always work throughout the different scales, identifying the effects of decisions at a higher and a lower scale level.

De Zwarte Hond always knows how to connect realism, opportunism and pragmatism to ideals, coherence and continuity. We ensure sufficient attention from our broad partner team of strategists, urban planners and architects – often multiple partners for complex projects.

We know a lot about technology and have extensive experience in construction. De Zwarte Hond prefers to work in BIM from the start of a building design. Together with the contractor, builder and other consultants, we draw in a single 3D model. All parties see their input visualised immediately, so the various disciplines can work together optimally, and errors are picked up at an early stage. Technology (how we will actually make it) is very quickly involved in the design, so that the construction method can also influence the architectural concept. This allows us to better manage sustainability and circularity.