De Zwarte Hond is a design agency for architecture, urban design and strategy with offices in Groningen, Rotterdam and Cologne. Through a combination of social commitment and craftsmanship, we create high-quality projects that are sensitive to their context, the needs of users and the vision of our customer.

De Zwarte Hond has an overview of the various forces that play a role in a given place. We can calculate what will add value and improve the quality of life – for residents, the street, the neighbourhood and the city. Our designs are firmly grounded and speak the language of their environment, yet they display a subtle and unexpected individuality. This is the result of their detailing, their materials, their strong connection between inside and outside, and their smart and flexible use of space.

We design places, buildings and whole environments that look out of the ordinary. Conceived, rather than created; built to last and flexible enough to move on to a new phase of life in the future.

Yet our places always touch the heart. Designing and realising interwoven spaces, that’s the essence of our office: we unite architecture and urban design. That combination defines us to the core.

Our projects enrich society, both economically and culturally. This means that they contribute to social development and diversity. Our projects provide connection, both social and physical. They stimulate meeting and social cohesion. In addition, they repair and reinforce the urban fabric.

We are convinced that a plan or design solves nothing in itself. At most, it can set the agenda or indicate directions for solutions. The point is that we actually know how to realise and implement. Of course, we’re committed to the design, but we also take responsibility for the process towards realisation.

what to expect from us

Social involvement is in our DNA. Through the spatial discipline, we want to contribute to social and economic issues. Every building, plan or intervention, regardless of size, adds meaning to these.

We believe that, together with stakeholders, we can create living environments that contribute to the well-being of everyone who comes into contact with them.

We aim for the highest possible quality, without losing sight of the business case.

We always combine our realism with ambition: we set the bar high and inspire the people we work with to do the same.

Attention to detailing and materials characterises all the buildings and public spaces thought worthy of preservation over the centuries. Added to this, in our designs we combine careful connections to the existing city with impulses for future developments.

Every project is an opportunity to innovate, as long as this provides added value for the client and the end result.

So that all projects and plans can benefit from the knowledge, skills and networks of our office, we prioritize knowledge development and knowledge exchange, both internally and externally. This is how we inspire each other, our client and our construction partners, leading to extraordinary results.