Overtoomse Veld housing completed using Facet-Bouwsysteem (construction system)

In the Amsterdam neighbourhood of Overtoomse Veld, 99 family units designed by De Zwarte Hond have been completed. The units were built using the "Facet-bouwsysteem" (construction system) developed by Van Wijnen, which is a development and realisation process. There is a lot riding on the success of the redevelopment of New West, the district of Amsterdam of which Overtoomse Veld is a part, and the design process was under much political pressure to produce good-quality housing at accessible prices. The "Facet-bouwsysteem" proved to be the answer. Agreements between principal, contractor and architect on price and construction methods had been made at the start of the project, saving time and money during the design process and the construction preparation phases. De Zwarte Hond has managed to produce a unique design for Overtoomse Veld within the constraints of the resulting brief.

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