Panorama Nederland
Board of Government Advisers

On 6 December 2018 the College of Government Advisors (College van Rijksadviseurs) launched Panorama Nederland. An optimistic future image to which we can aspire. Chief government advisor, also De Zwarte Hond partner, Daan Zandbelt: “We are facing complex assignments, such as ‘Paris’. We can’t make it any easier, but we can make it more fun! ” Panorama Nederland sketches a Netherlands that can evolve from a shared aspiration. It is a future perspective that examines the complex field of essential changes such as climate adaptation, agricultural reform, urbanisation and energy transition as interdependent elements. It is essential that we consider the various assignments in conjunction with each other. A cultural shift from sectoral to integral is the only possible way to tackle the wide-ranging nature of the issues successfully.

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