Park Meerstad officially opened

On September 18, we celebrated the opening of Park Meerstad, designed by LAOS Landscape Architecture and Jeroen Doorenweerd, which was realised as part of Meerstad. De Zwarte Hond has been involved in the development of Meerstad since 2008 as urban planner, supervisor and architect of various of its elements. Park Meerstad opened with the exhibition Art is My Nature (‘Kunst is mijn natuur’). For the exhibition, around 130 works of art by 85 different artists were on show. Never before has there been an art exhibition of this size in Groningen.

The core of the master plan for Meerstad drawn up by De Zwarte Hond is the newly laid out Woldmeer. A very wide diversity of homes is being built around this, from houses on the water to terraced houses, but always in close contact with nature. LAOS and Doorenweerd designed a landscape park for Meerstad with hills, dales and hollows, inspired by waves and dunes. It’s another important milestone in the development of this unique new district of Groningen.