Park Pavilion in Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands

For 33 years now, the Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands, published by nai010, has been an indispensable overview for anyone interested in Dutch architecture. On September 21, there was a festive launch for the 2019/2020 edition in collaboration with AIR in the Nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.

We are proud that our Park Pavilion De Hoge Veluwe in Otterlo has been selected by the editors (Kirsten Hannema, Teun van den Ende, Arna Mackic and Adeola Enigbokan) as one of the 25 most exemplary projects of the past year. At the launch of the yearbook, Ellen Schindler, CEO and partner of De Zwarte Hond, was also given the opportunity to talk to the audience (and online visitors) about the importance of inclusivity in architecture offices.