Positive Response to Public Space Vision for Oud-Mathenesse and the Witte Dorp, Rotterdam

On Wednesday 23 March, the public plus newly elected members of the neighbourhood council gave a positive response to the presentation of the future vision for public space for the Rotterdam areas of Oud Mathenesse and the Witte Dorp (‘White Village’). Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam, Felixx office for landscape architecture has outlined a future vision for public space. De Zwarte Hond was involved in thinking about densification strategies that can strengthen that vision and at the same time contribute to making the existing buildings more sustainable and more diverse. Large neighbouring area developments in Schiedam and Rotterdam, such as Schieveste and MerweVierhavens (M4H), prompted Oud Mathenesse and the Witte Dorp to formulate their own vision of the future for their public space.

Key points of the future vision
The vision for Oud Mathenesse and the Witte Dorp is set up as a strategic framework and consists of five spatial structures: Dijkpark, Singels, Pinasplein, Franslaan and the Groene Zoom.

It mainly focuses on:
- Strengthening structures for pedestrians and cyclists
- Greening in order to promote biodiversity
- A programme for the public space that meets the needs of residents.

Densification in specific places is used as a means to strengthen the public space. The vision shows that Felixx and De Zwart Hond have listened carefully to the needs of the neighbourhood’s residents, who have been involved from the start. The plan includes a lot of greenery and also strengthens the connection to M4H.

De Zwarte Hond urban planner Wieke Villerius says: “Densification is not an end in itself. We see it as a means to enhance public space and the experience of it. That is the ambition of this framework plan.”

Picture: Felixx Landschapsarchitecten