Praktijkcollege Zuidwijk nearing completion

The Praktijkcollege Zuidwijk provides practical education for students between the ages of 12 and 17, ‘who learn better in practice than only from a book.’ Commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam, the new building designed by De Zwarte Hond is nearing completion. Completion is planned for summer 2020, in time for the start of the new semester in September. Currently, finishing touches are being made to the facade and the interior.

With its bold architecture, the school is a distinct building that connects well to the character of the neighbourhood. Clustered as transparent boxes around the central lobby, the bright, spacious workshop spaces and classrooms are the focal point of the design. The walkway on the first floor views into the educational spaces and vice versa, allowing good visual connection throughout the building. The central lobby enables good orientation, and can host changing functions, lending the building adaptability and flexibility. Deep facade niches add a sculptural effect. Skylights facing north keep the building cool in summer. The roof features solar cells.

The school also contributes to a sense of community in the neighbourhood. Locals are welcome to dine at the restaurant and they can bring their bicycles to be repaired at the bike workshop.