Primary school and gymnasium on COA premises in Ter Apel are opened

The primary school in the grounds of the COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) in Ter Apel was recently opened. The school has a central hall and ten classrooms, each class can accommodate fifteen pupils. The focus in the lessons is on familiarisation with the Dutch education system, the pupils’ wellbeing and participation and learning Dutch.

The playground forms the heart of the school. It is surrounded by a wide hallway with workplaces and theme tables, with the classrooms opening onto it. This design ensures abundant daylight throughout the building.

The light, and the building’s open structure, create a sense of safety and security among the users which, understandably, is extremely important in view of the school’s special target group. The children have an unobstructed view of the playground from the classrooms. The school’s central hall is also light and transparent, generating a smooth transition from playground to interior, and vice versa. The first impressions of pupils and teachers are very positive. The school gymnasium is intentionally located near the entrance to the grounds of the asylum seekers centre, so that it can also be used by other people from outside.

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