B11 NoordBaak

Amsterdam, NL

How do you create a living experience that supports the identity of a place?


B11 NoordBaak

Photo: Nationaal Archief

For many Amsterdammers, the NDSM wharf is a well-known and much-valued place in the city. Because it is a special place, and even more so because of its historical heritage and cultural and social significance. The major housing plans for the site and the immediate vicinity risk the loss of these distinctive qualities and so the identity of the site. De Zwarte Hond’s team of architects therefore considered it very important to discover the ‘spirit of the place’ of the new development, and to integrate the location’s context into the design process.

Relationship with the water
How can you experience living on the water to the full in lovely and comfortable apartment? When designing the homes, the relationship with the water was taken into account as far as possible. This was the starting point for the various 2 and 3-room owner-occupied homes in De Groote Kaap and De Kleine Kaap. This way you can enjoy a view of the water and the city from your private domain through the large windows and outdoor spaces. At the same time, the green courtyard provides a meeting place with the other residents of NoordBaak. The best of both worlds!


Materials that age beautifully
In addition to the use of honest materials that age beautifully, unambiguous and clear building masses and silhouettes have been chosen, which can withstand the test of time. The NoordBaak is an amalgamation of four unique ‘characters’, which together form one self-evident and powerful building. A new beacon on NDSM that subtly dominates the corner of the IJ and intrigues across all scale levels. That’s the guiding idea of NoordBaak.

Attention to detail

• The four buildings are designed with a tone on tone colour palette: the same, calm hues are used in different shades
• The owner-occupied homes are in a prominent spot on the water, with, wherever possible, a direct view of the IJ and the city centre across the water
• The ground floor will be lively, with public facilities. Due to its open character, there is interaction between the functions in the building, the outdoor spaces and the quayside

Amsterdam, Buiksloterham, NDSM werf gezien vanaf de NDSM Pier kijkend richting het Kraanspoor gebouw. ©7 mei 2018 Marco van Middelkoop/Aerophoto-Schiphol

B11 NoordBaak

NoordBaak’s design follows the language of the existing environment, but also has a surprising individuality. This is mainly reflected in the detailing of the buildings, the materials, the strong connection between inside and outside, and the smart and flexible use of space. We match this with the use of honest materials that age beautifully. Moreover, there is a focus on unambiguous building masses and silhouettes that can withstand the test of time. The ensemble consists of four unique ‘characters’ that together form a powerful and simple block. A building block that exudes confidence and at the same time intrigues through every scale levels.

Because different forces are at play on the NDSM wharf, De Zwarte Hond first familiarized itself to these. Due to the major housing plan for the NDSM and its immediate surroundings, there is a risk of losing its distinctive qualities and so its identity. That’s why with this new development we focus on recognizing the ‘spirit’ of the place, including the context early in the design process so as to add value to the place and increase the quality of life – for residents, the street, the neighbourhood and the city.


B11 NoordBaak
Amsterdam, NL
20.000 m²
Catering & Retail, Residential, Work
Development Phase
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